Dockyard Festival photo by I wanted to try and get a more comprehensive, 360 degree view of the event this
Any advice for aspiring producers? Find out what you really want to do, what you really like and just go for it. Go step
So, since jumping off, (see my last blog), it's fair to say that things have gone a bit mental at Moonface Marketing -- who knew! I'm still managing to keep the work life balance in check and I'm still working from anywhere.
Website | Facebook | Event Famous for their unique branding, picturesque stage design, and masterfully curated lineups, the
Since the early 1990s, British techno DJ John Digweed started on journey that would make him one of the global dance community's
How does it feel to have that sort of control over the vocals that are being used on the tracks you are making in instead
Photo By: Kaira Campos S: I know, I know its a marathon. S: Oh, yea! Well, they don't do anything else really. S: Haha--Yea
The line-up is always artists that I relate to in one way or another. I'm into all kinds of underground music. I like techno
Stockholm is continuing to grow as a real contender for quality electronic music experiences. And though there is room for
While every tech geek in the book, including Mark Zuckerberg, will tell you virtual reality technology is the next big thing
The song begins reminiscent of a Prodigy track with repetitive vocal sampling and a perfect combination of trashy cymbals
If you're familiar with the who's who in the Detroit music scene, no one is more Detroit than Kenny Dixon Jr., or as many
Though the term Techno is credited to Detroit, the genre was heavily influenced from the very beginning by electronic music being made in Germany. So it seems quite fitting that this new sound took hold of Johannes Heil at an early age.
The Brooklyn-based electronic music duo Beacon is back with a new album titled Escapements, to be released on February 5th via Ghostly International.
Are you good at finding just the right app for the task and figuring out why you all have to buy this year's iPhone? You may be a dad. Are you making sure all virus protections are up to date, Facebook privacy settings are checked weekly and YouTube parental blocks are in place? Better shape up if being a dad is in your cards!
Jeff Mills is not the first prolific African American to have found most of his success outside of the United States. Having been collectively responsible for the birth of Techno in Detroit, much of his career evolved as a result of an overwhelming support by both the European underground and artistic communities.
A native daughter of Detroit, jessica Care moore first won hearts with her five-time winning streak on It's Showtime at the Apollo back in 1995, after newly transplanting herself to New York City at age 22 a year after her father's death.
I have a personal hate-hate relationship with all things technical. Change one little thing on your computer and it's like the butterfly in Australia that flaps its wings and causes tornados in Kansas. Trying to fix it changes enough things to add monsoons in Asia.