This year I found myself spending a lot of time in the NDSM Wharf area, starting with an event at the Crane Hotel to celebrate
What is one of your favorite remixes that you've done? How do approach working on a remix differently? Marlow -Movin feat
So, since jumping off, (see my last blog), it's fair to say that things have gone a bit mental at Moonface Marketing -- who knew! I'm still managing to keep the work life balance in check and I'm still working from anywhere.
From the famed event production group, the Do Lab, comes the second annual Woogie Weekend taking place at Oak Canyon Park
Recently, I was able to chat with John Digweed before his set at this year's Movement Electronic Music Festival and we talked
Recording the album. The MK album. I took almost four months off of touring. I signed with Sony about a year and half ago
DJ Sian is calm, cool, stylish and collected. Having created a catalogue of music that will rock your Vans off. His diverse
As one of the staples of Toronto's club music scene, Sydney Blu has established herself, her record label Blu Music, and
And though the line up featured many well known names playing rather average sets, there were more than a few standouts, including
(What the movie theaters of tomorrow may look like) Look to the left and zombies are coming up the stairs. Look to the right