The Wall Street Journal reported the news on Tuesday.
ByteDance agreed to divest from U.S. operations of the app after President Trump said he planned to ban it entirely, according to sources.
Duke repeatedly violated Twitter’s policy on hateful content and harmful links.
The bright yellow robot travels around auto plants fetching pictures and videos to help engineers designing upgrades for workspaces.
The online retailer has pulled merchandise, including jerseys, t-shirts and jewelry promoting Washington D.C.'s professional football team.
The agency that processes immigration application is facing a historic budget shortfall.
Social media users said they completed the free online registration for the Tulsa event with no intention on attending.
LGBTQ advocacy groups are hoping to draw attention to the increased rates of violence and discrimination faced by the trans community.
The label applies to outlets like Russia’s RT and Sputnik, Iran’s Press TV and China’s Xinhua News.
A spike in harassment of Asian-Americans since the coronavirus pandemic began has led community activists in the United States to fight back