“We have specific rules around how many times you need to violate certain policies before we will deactivate your account completely,” the tech mogul told staffers.
Disinformation is still a major threat to democracy as it continues to be a common tactic within American politics.
The video platform was designed for people to watch on their phones, but its top executives bluntly declared “Quibi is not succeeding” in an online statement.
The lawsuit comes more than a year after the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission began antitrust investigations into four big tech companies.
The winners of the 46th annual Nikon Small World photo competition are truly amazing.
A scathing 449-page report by a House panel describes instances where Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google misused their power for profit.
Millions of students have unequal access to the great equalizer.
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Experts are looking to artificial intelligence and citizen scientists to track and combat destruction of the rainforest.
The UK helpline has dealt with more cases this year than it did during the whole of 2019, with women worst affected.
Many young queer people say they've used the app to swap anecdotes and advice, and now fear for their mental health and well-being.