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Today's systems primarily alert you to problems after the fact or spy on your behalf.
A new study finds that sleep deprivation is correlated with heavy social media use.
Theranos has struggled behind the scenes to turn the excitement over its technology into reality. At the end of 2014, the
Singer: You can’t assume that! There is no basis for that. The European: Mr. Singer, do we have a healthy relationship with
Psychologist Susan Pinker, author ofThe Village Effect: How Face-To-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier, Happier And Smarter
With medical staff and doctors sometimes unable to communicate efficiently with their patients, innovators are finding ways to use technology to translate medical questions accurately enough for them to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment.
Today, with digital devices only continuing to pervade ever more aspects of our daily lives, these movements are just as
Millennials' memories are rapidly degenerating. The bottom line? If you lose the bigger story, you're likely lose the smaller
"All too often we're like cornered animals with our eyes darting from device to human and back to device," Daniel Sieberg