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The writing is clearly on the wall about what lies ahead. Yet even the most brilliant economists -- and futurists -- don't know what to do about it.
Look outside your firm. If you can't accelerate your learning and enhance your skills inside the firm it may be time to look
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For employers, finding technology workers is no easy task. In fact, technology workers rank among the third most difficult positions to fill. So what's going on, and how can employers compensate?
There's absolutely nothing wrong with hiring male programmers, or women, um, empathizers-of-various-stripes. But we do need to shift the culture, expectations, and compensation if we want to end the power discrepancies that result from gendered hiring practices.
Our nation is not only poised to go over a "fiscal cliff," we're just about in freefall over a talent cliff to meet the growing need of STEM jobs. We need STEM leaders in industry to lead with the passion they bring to their businesses to help fill the talent gap.
The expansion is intended to help cut red tape, foster American innovation in the global marketplace more quickly and create
Developments in the tech world have brought about amazing innovations and new ways of connecting that have altered the lives
The Internet is creating unprecedented demand for employees with serious technical chops. Studies confirm that technology skills will be crucial for future employment prospects.
It used to be that the only technological expertise you needed to get a job were basic word processing and webmail skills
Our leaders keep trying to resuscitate old markets and old ways. The question is, what should government be doing -- where it should be investing -- to improve our lot in the future.
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Health care, education and financial services--if you're looking for work in the coming decades, these are the fields to