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There's a reason it feels so darn good.
This cute and concise TED-Ed video might offer some answers. Watch the informative 5-minute clip in the video above; then
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Watch the TED-Ed above for more intriguing tattoo facts. But tattoos are hardly a new trend. According to this fascinating
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This is your brain on music. And all that violin and oboe practice adds up, meaning that as you get better at playing tricky
It's commonly said that we humans use only about 10 percent of our brains, with some people attributing Einstein's brilliance
Being able to make complex dietary choices is an incredibly important skill in this age of crowded supermarkets and high
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High in protein, vitamins and minerals, bugs are very healthy for you. So... should we?
Currently it seems as if the general public, along with many of our national leaders, believe that what will fix our country are "more children with more degrees." In this belief, if we really are hoping this will fix our country, we are instead doomed.
"The Power of Simple Words" TED's dedication to "Ideas Worth Spreading" is multifaceted, from their TED Talks to TED Conferences
Project director Logan Smal­ley told the Post the application initially features about 12 videos but that the library should