Ted Lasso

The “Ted Lasso” star took home his second Best Actor trophy.
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Actors of color in three TV series dominated 2022 Emmys nominations, but the total number of nonwhite nominees dropped from 2021.
Send cheer from Ted and Roy Kent and you'll officially score some major winter #goals.
"You stripped middle and lower socioeconomic of programs that would be life-changing and kept drug prices up and you think that's funny?" a Twitter user said.
Sudeikis quipped about the comedy show being pumped up by cocaine, adrenaline, Starbucks, Adderall and fear over the years.
The "Ted Lasso" star uses a deck of cards in a whole new way.
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The show, which stars Jason Sudeikis, follows an unqualified coach who succeeds by empowering others.