ted lieu

The California Democrat said the former president surrounded himself with associates who were exposed by the FBI as a "cesspool of corruption."
The California Democrat slammed the extremist lawmaker's demand as just “more stupid stuff."
Hawley joined the conservative outcry with wild accusations against President Joe Biden, but a House member delivered a precise clapback.
"Let’s do some math," Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu mockingly responded to Republican Ralph Norman's grumble on Fox News.
The former GOP House speaker "has no idea what he's talking about," Lieu said.
Rep. Ted Lieu “quoted” Jesus Christ to quietly confront Republicans who are targeting the rights of LGBTQ Americans.
Lieu has challenged Kelly over her suggestion that the Capitol riot had been overhyped by the media and "wasn't an insurrection." She told him to "grow up."
The conspiracy-spewing lawmaker introduced legislation that was mocked by Rep. Ted Lieu.
Lieu took aim at the "stupid, racist" words of his GOP colleague Chip Roy, who complained about China during a hearing on violence against Asian Americans.
President Donald Trump pressed the Georgia secretary of state to "find" more votes for him. Some Democrats want to ensure he doesn't get away with it.