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“I feel like I have very good aim,” said one House Republican.
The president might see zeroed-out funding for foreign food aid as "putting America first," but members of Congress clearly disagree.
Republicans support drug testing for the poor and also for themselves.
Concerns over the potential for terrorist groups to obtain MANPADS from U.S.-supplied insurgents have been greatly heightened by incidents in which terrorist groups captured U.S.-supplied weaponry in Syria.
The bill takes aim at the practice of "soring" horses to give them a prancing gait.
Yoho then lamented the existence of the "food stamp surfer," a California man profiled by Fox News in 2013 because he wasn't
Other protest votes were also cast, including for people who are not in the House. In total, the dissatisfied Republicans
The fundraiser, unsurprisingly centered on a golf outing with Speaker Boehner, was co-hosted by Yoho and a number of other
Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) was re-elected to Congress Tuesday from the state's 3rd District, defeating Democrat Marihelen Wheeler
Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) agreed with Just and asked him, "What is the biggest drawback? Is it the ignorance of what the product
But Yoho's lament about voting isn't original. Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips said in 2010 that returning to
Yoho spokesman Omar Raschid told the Gainesville Sun that the event was not intended to coincide with the Sandy Hook anniversary
"Obviously there is a lot frustration with our attorney general. You can name the botched programs," Cammack said. "Fast
It is tempting to vote for the outsiders. They're relatable. Like most voters, they don't have experience in D.C. However, in light of the extreme gridlock America just went through, it's safe to say that they've made the system much worse than it was before they were elected.