The species that inspired everyone’s favorite stuffed animal has been taken off the endangered list.
"I said thank you while trying to keep my voice from cracking."
H/T Adweek "I love you, baby girl." Inspired by the true story of a real military family, the ad shows how a soldier's daughter
he world has fallen in love with the classic teddy bear and to show our love, we have compiled a list of 10 places you must visit to honor the teddy bear.
With a direct connection to Wikipedia, WikiBear is truly the world's smartest teddy bear. That is because this interactive teddy resorts to crowd-sourced knowledge for his brains.
Our not-so-secret wish is that the next president be an aggressive, committed political reformer. Whether emerging from the right or left, this man or woman should seek to pattern the creativity, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit of Teddy Roosevelt.
"Go for it!" said Nelson. "You could even give yourself a flu shot." It was, of course, a point well taken. Stamford Advocate
Scott Hardy, an Arizona businessman, told ABC News he often travels with a stuffed dog in his suitcase. His wife gave him