Teddy Geiger

On “Dancing Next to Me,” the pop singer teamed up with producer Teddy Geiger, reflecting on matters of the heart for his new album.
The singer-songwriter gushed about her actress fiancée in a series of Instagram posts.
"I love her so much," said singer-songwriter Geiger, who came out as transgender last year.
The "Stitches" singer recounted the "powerful" experience of his pal's journey toward living authentically.
The singer-songwriter received much love on social media for walking the red carpet.
Teddy Geiger announced they had begun the process of transitioning in an Instagram post. The singer-songwriter had a hit
"I just feel glad to be able to be working with music, doing stuff creatively, and supporting myself doing that because it's just what I love to do. My life's goal is to just stay involved in creative work and to keep developing myself as someone who is doing creative work."
When did children's music get so awful? It wasn't always as painful to listen to. Some historic recordings, though not exactly classified as "children's," have been cherished forever.