Over Cameo, the "Mean Girls" actor promised the teen she'd "feel a lot of power and strength" in speaking her truth.
"I know it's bad, but everyone's doing it," said one teen in a new report showing teens are turning to their phones as a "constant sedative."
This year is taking a huge toll on teens and young adults. Here's how parents can help.
"Camila" was one of three Mexican sisters who had sex with Raniere, according to prosecutors.
Jeffrey Zeigler will serve four to 10 years in prison for the April shooting outside his Michigan home.
Looks like some teens need to be told not to use condoms.
Morgan Geyser was convicted for stabbing a classmate 19 times in 2014. The victim survived.
Lizzy Caplan was married to fellow actor Tom Riley in Italy.
Ian Harding, a 7-time Teen Choice Award Winner from "Pretty Little Liars," who is also an avid birdwatcher, comes to promote his new book, "Odd Birds." The book is a memoir in which Ian explores the unexpected world of a young celebrity through the lens of his favorite pastime ― birding. At its heart, it's a coming-of-age story in which Ian wrestles with an ever-evolving question― how can he still be himself, while also being a celebrity. A funny and heartwarming window into Ian’s life, "Odd Birds" is a must-read for fans of nature writing and memoir alike.