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Dating can be a very anxious experience. We have found a person we are interested in, we have gotten up the courage to express our interest and now we are exploring the relationship by getting to know each other.
As "Yes Means Yes" policies become more common at colleges, some scholars have argued that such policies leave too much open
#tothegirls u aren't awful if u "friendzone" a "nice guy." the guy who feels entitled to yr body just bc he was /nice/ to
6. "I'm really mature for age though, and stuff." It's pretty much inevitable that, at some point during your teen years
8. Even at your lowest points, remember to stay positive. Follow HuffPost Teen on Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Pheed | -- Carly
This is the '50s version of being "The Cool Girl," FYI. "Dear Girls -- Never sit on a young man's lap unless you receive
Oak Park and River Forest senior James Cullinane said he fights off FOMO by living in the now. “If I’m hanging out with my
3. Make a scrapbook 1. Plan family time Click here to read the rest of the article on Her Campus. Wait, slow down. Was that
By the end of the semester, you’ll become well acquainted with a lot of the people living in your residence hall. Many of
We hate to break it to you: lanyards aren’t cute accessories. Nothing screams “freshman” more than wearing one around your
Over the course of the year, I have learned several lessons that have made my transition a bit easier, and have brought me to some of the greatest individuals I have ever met.
Remember the dreaded thin letter is simply a thin letter. This piece of paper says nothing about your worth, creativity or potential.
What! You're how old? I'm not exaggerating when I say that I am asked this question on a daily basis. It never ceases to amaze people when I tell them my age after introducing myself and letting them know what I've accomplished in my young life.
As my 18th birthday is quickly approaching, I have compiled a list of, what I consider to be, pretty valuable lessons. Here are 18 things I have figured out before I reach this milestone that is important to every teenager.
After drafts after another, I realized that this entire process was not an easy task, contrary to what I had initially thought. Every step of making an idea realized requires hard work, persistence, patience and control.
We don't usually cut the fluff and really talk about what lies inside. When a college asks, "Who are you?" most of us will give generic answers. Many will talk about extracurricular activities and the things they like to do. Yet if we're honest with ourselves, are we really that simple?