teen behavior

Some households are noisy and full of roughhousing. Others are quiet and easy going. If the your household has been aggressive for a long time it wears on everyone in the family and emotional temperatures flare. Individuals lose sight of how to regulate their emotions to a talking level even though outside the house they may know how to keep in control.
Ann and Mike say they live in fear of their 16-year-old daughter Kristi -- so much so that they now sleep with a baseball
"I was hearing someone's voice in my head, Michael Jackson," says Melanie. "He was saying to me to take off my shoe to feel
I could tell myself it's our small NYC apartment that demands order. We can't afford to clutter. But that's not it. Her room has a door. I can close it. This is not a thoroughfare. And except for the occasional laundry drive-by, I'm not forced to face it. So why does her mess make me crazy?
I frequently hear complaints from parents that their teenagers -- or, more accurately, their adolescents -- are irrational.
Best friends might play the biggest role in influencing when teens have their first sip of alcohol, new research shows. Follow
The amount of sex kids see in movies could influence their sexual behavior later in life, a new study says. By: MyHealthNewsDaily
While it's hard to know if a character like Juno could have avoided her situation had she been taught the facts, it's easy to see we are making getting information as hard as possible for her real life counterparts.