teen brain

They are hard-wired to respond to all those 'likes.'
Even before their first acts of rebellion, teenagers can get a bad reputation. Popular myths paint the adolescent years as
TF: You talk about trying to reduce the risky behavior, and some of the examples you give are, if a kid has a "need for speed
A significant amount of brain development happens during the teenage years. Studies have shown that when teenagers receive
In our teens and early 20s, our brains go through changes that make it harder to learn new things but make us better at what
A 2006 cartoon in The New Yorker shows parents ordering their adolescent son to go to his room until his cerebral cortex matures. This nicely illustrates how we have come to think about adolescents.
So he failed to hold the door for you -- he's a teen, what do you expect? Scientists and the average adult have known young