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Shawn Mendes has just released two music videos in three days and all we can say is: WOW. Adorable! An added bonus: the video
Two years later, they both followed through on the commitments they made -- Cierra kept her grades up (sending updates via
Your favorite selfie queen headed back to the orange carpet of your childhood dreams at last weekend's Kids' Choice Awards. Below are 20 very important thoughts I had while hanging out with the stars.
We don't like it when the press ask female celebrities about their bodies, but so far, everyone seems fine with this. I'm 17 and I still wouldn't ask them that because we aren't friends, and it's none of my business.
On Thursday, Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share a comment she appears to have sent to a fan who's been having a hard
Getting ready for a first date can be stressful and awkward -- even if you're a YouTube celeb. In a new Valentine's Day skit
Fingers crossed that Shawn will bring out this cover when he opens for Taylor Swift in a few months. Shawn Mendes is quite
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As for the Biebs, Charli confessed that “Baby” is one of her favorite songs of all time. The tough competition simply put
Rocking a sparkly crop-top-and-shorts combo, the Covergirl-singer-rapper-all-around-badass worked the stage like a pro. And
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When Ally Brooke Hernandez took a trip to a Waffle House, she got more than just breakfast. Follow HuffPost Teen on Twitter
22. #BreakTheInternet Zayn. 20. Fedorable Zayn. 2. Can you say "jawline?" Jawline. Update: A previous version of this story
Ansel Elgerot was the talk of the night, looking very old Hollywood glam in his vintage suit. He spoke about his newfound fame and success of, The Fault in Our Stars.
H/T College Candy There's nothing like a little boy band nostalgia to bring you back to the days of Tamagotchis and glitter
The Ontario teen never suspected that posting this video on his T-Swift-inspired Tumblr would lead to meeting the star IRL
Ruth apologized for being such a "loser." Harry obviously assured her that she was no such thing. And then they just hugged
15. Erik Finman, 16 Teens have been on the front lines of protests against grand jury decisions on the Michael Brown and
Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui, the YouTubers who have brought you gorgeous medleys of hit songs, have outdone themselves
Wrapped up in red lipstick and Christmas lights, the Harmonizers are singing and dancing their little hearts out around the