Teen dating violence

If we want to prevent school shootings, we need to get real about teen dating violence.
Your kids know about Trump's bus video conversation. Bank on it! I first heard the video while driving with my teenage son, who wondered, "Why is the other guy laughing?"
I soon decided that I, like many others, was not a casualty to a toxic relationship, but a survivor--strong and brave, yet
Nobody knew I had been threatened with a gun. The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 http://www.thehotline.org
It is never too early to have a conversation with our children about healthy relationships, body autonomy, and love.
Dating can be a very anxious experience. We have found a person we are interested in, we have gotten up the courage to express our interest and now we are exploring the relationship by getting to know each other.
Using this same framework, consider sitting down with your teen(s) before they begin dating to discuss the differences between
One of the more disturbing realities is that students are not taking the time to find out what actually constitutes consent
High-profile cases and serious accusations make headlines. The best way we, as a global community, can stand up for victims and show that sexual assault, rape and dating abuse are not tolerable is by preventing it in the first place.
As an emergency physician and a mother of a 6-year-old daughter, I recognize how essential it is to talk about the need for healthy relationships early and to model them at home.