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Mending a Broken Childhood I have previously written that our kids' overuse of playtime technologies is leading to a generation
The project arose from Dr. Anderson's desire to share his experience working under the tutelage of the late great Richard
You know what I see when I picture depression? A blonde, blue-eyed teenage girl. She gets awesome grades, loves to paint, go to football games, drink Starbucks, Instagram and giggle with her friends.
Leelah's death was not solely due to those on Tumblr who knew her and didn't see or know to reach out to her -- because even if they did, Leelah obviously needed more help. But the nature of Tumblr as a dark place does make suicidal thoughts and warning signs too commonplace.
Depression is the most common type of mental illness, affecting some 350 million people globally and contributing to other
Fired up, they wrote an essay about it and sent it off to big-time newspapers. To their surprise, The New York Times agreed
Do not allow "shame" to hold you back. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Depression affects millions of people each year and is treatable. But you must be willing to ask and accept help.
That night is still a blur, but I do remember one thing clearly: that feeling of not knowing where I was going, but knowing instinctively that I had to keep going. I felt like I was ruining everything, and everyone -- including myself.
There is a humongous difference between temporary sadness and dissatisfaction with your life, and the sinking desperation that is depression. It sucks when you don't fit in, and you are lonely but that isn't depression.
Everything seemed out of control. My family had always felt safe, now it felt chaotic, random, uncontrolled. Looking back now, I see how that dark July day, a day so final, marked my beginning.
New research out of the UK's University of Bristol indicates that girls whose fathers were absent during their early childhood
Tina frowned, and looked at me. “That’s great! Your face looks a little fuller too,” my mom responded. Tina obsessed over
I've realized that sometimes you are tempted to think that everyone is perfect except for you, but in reality, no one is, no matter how much we want them to be. I was never going to be perfect -- and I'm okay with that.
"Ideas are as contagious as germs," she said. Insensitivity aside, there are bigger problems with such a prank. Perhaps unsurprisingly
Are you a gamer? What sort of skills do you think it helps you acquire -- if any? Sound off in the comments below or tweet
Coming from one of the worst environments since my parents divorce, I was in desperate need of help. I had just been thrown out of my high school for acting completely inappropriate, and having terrible fits of anger.
Reprinted with permission from Youth Communication. I hated him, and I started to feel like I was worth nothing and like