teen drug abuse

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During the four months before my son turned 18, I think I saw him maybe 12 times. He would leave early in the morning and return late in the evening. When our paths did cross, his eyes were glazed over.
Twenty-four-year-old Vincent, a former college football player and a recovering heroin user, admits to being on the other
The Dark Net and the sites that sale illegal drugs are hard to shut down. When one site is shut down then another site appears within a matter of days. Parents have to be vigorous in preventing teens from accessing these sites. Here are some helpful tips to prevent teens from accessing and obtaining drugs from the Dark Net.
According to the Drug Policy Alliance, “molly” and “ecstasy” are common slang names for MDMA, an illegal drug that’s “sold
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"For children, MPF means having a half-sibling, but it also means, for first-born children, that they usually experienced
Christina Huffington joins HuffPost Live and claims that while shame can kill you, coming clean is one of the most empowering things she has ever done.
Christina Huffington discusses why she wrote a piece detailing her long road to recovery.
Remember that. It may hurt terribly but you will be fine.
And the problem is growing, especially among youth. In LA County, 11 percent of 9th graders, 14 percent of 11th graders, and
Nineteen-year-old Alicia Clouse started experimenting prescription pills and marijuana when she was in the eighth grade. Eventually
But his consultation with many caregivers makes them rethink what they're doing. "They feel they are not giving their children
"They had him in handcuffs, and he was laying on the kitchen floor, and we were looking at him," Cynthia said. "My mind just
HuffPost Live will be taking a comprehensive look at America’s failed war on drugs September 4th from 12-4 pm ET and 6-10
HuffPost Live will be taking a comprehensive look at America’s failed war on drugs August 28th and September 4th from 12
Rees and his team looked at nationally representative data from high school students from 1993 through 2009--medical marijuana
You might think I am duped daily by entitled kids who want medications to get better grades. As one girl bragged to Schwarz, "If you keep playing the angsty-teen role, you'll get something good." Give me a break.
Roughly one in six surveyed teens who had been on an overnight college admissions visit reported drinking alcohol during the visit. Teens also reported engaging in intimate sexual behavior, using drugs other than alcohol or driving while impaired.
Teens who do not have dinner with their families five to seven times per week are twice as likely to have used alcohol and 1.5 times likelier to have used marijuana, as compared to teens who do participate in family dinners.