Teen Fiction

Working in an independent bookstore, our mantra is, "So many books, so little time." I took the liberty of sharing five standout titles that have been or will be released in the first half of this year that you absolutely need to read.
As we have some waiting to do until Downton Abbey Season 5 premieres, let's get our fill of rich period dramas elsewhere.
So the question becomes this: Will Divergent be the next Hunger Games or will it be the next Beautiful Creatures? Will it feed the flame of YA films or cause it to fizzle out?
"Twelve-point-oh-one. Eleven-point-nine-two. Eleven-point-eight-nine. Eleven-point-eight-five." “Congratulations,” he said
With The Selection sequel The Elite currently on the New York Times bestseller list, Kiera Cass is an author to be reckoned with.
"I liked how you didn't care about not being popular," she began, "and your hair is pretty cool." "Dude, no one will laugh
My Brain: ... He turned to walk back into The Shack, but I caught his arm. I could see Chase Hanson smile at me from the
She's here. I can hear her. I can feel her. She's the whisper in the rustle of the leaves. She's the gentle breath of the
By Anna Park “Nothing important.” I say as I slyly redirect his attention away from my laptop. I can’t let him find out about
I found someone in seventh grade. Jake was an older man. Thirteen. My friends couldn’t believe it. He was mature, about to
"Think of it this way," Leah continues, "if you kiss Asher quickly and run away, he'll have no chance of rejecting you. Plus
Vive la revolution. One week to go. Betsey Ross sewed the American flag, Gracie Jones would stitch her own prom dress. And
I also know through mutual friends that he's found someone who isn't me. I fling open the door, bracing myself against the
"Who?" I ask wearily. He was a big no-no in our world. Shaun participates in school, strives for good grades, and when he
It was over and done with. She didn’t have to deal with it. High school was going to be the spark of her popular life. She
“Do you wanna sit?” you asked. “I bet you’re wondering why I was staring,” I said. “Hey,” you said and smiled. That smile
“No problem,” I whispered. I was stunned, for I had never seen a beauty more intoxicating. “I’m Nate.” Just in case you forgot
“What are you thinking about?” he asks me teasingly. He knows what I’m thinking. Based on the look in his clear blue eyes
After about 20 minutes more of whirring light sabers and flashing blasters, I hear noise coming from upstairs, obviously
Without checking I already know that my eyes are red and swollen; run dry of any remaining tears. "What's going on?" Rosalie