teen hero

After a fight video went viral of a legally blind high school student in Huntington Beach, CA getting beaten up in school
After the teens got to safety, they watched the entire house burn down in Kaufman County, Texas. Miraculously, only one of
With hoses in hand firefighters swiftly extinguished the blaze, cleared the smoke from the two-story home and removed the
On March 23, eight teens from England set a whole new standard for friendship and loyalty. According to wilmslow.co.uk, the
“Some of her last words were, ‘I don’t want anybody to be upset.’ And I was really upset for a few days," Manns told The
This is a picture of something I did at my school last year. I wrote out 1,986 sticky notes. Each said, "You're beautiful." I stuck one to every locker in my entire school.
As stories of heroism emerged in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy's devastation along the Eastern Seaboard, in the Midwest
Neighbor Nadia Reyes, 18, told the Chicago Tribune the shooting has made her more concerned for her safety in the Southwest
The Carlsbad, California teen -- also a member of her high school's water polo team -- called her accomplishment "the most
Jennifer Mahin, 17, heard some telling words at her graduation from the California State lifeguard academy in Carlsbad Friday
Given his incredible track record, Sam's next move is fairly unsurprising. He is currently in the application process to
For more child heroes, check out this slideshow! "I've been taking driver's ed, so that worked out well," said Rumer. The