Teen pregnancy

• Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas Robinson, a professor of pediatrics and medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine--as well
We just met that day, but soon Kayla and I are talking about sex, whispering as her mother-in-law walks by the kitchen. Before
Like so many Republicans, I can no longer stand silent while my Party's Presidential nominee continues his deplorable, and frankly dangerous, outbursts. There can be no more question: Mr. Trump does not embody the values that have made me a lifelong Republican.
I have to admit, the condoms on the dining room table were a little surprising. The packing list the college sent us suggested
Last Saturday, AOM held its flagship event, Raising Baby, an educational health and wellness day for pregnant and parenting
But armed with the right information, girls own and take charge of their sexual health now and into the future. They develop
"If your teacher can’t talk about it, how are you supposed to?"
"Sometimes it all overwhelms me, and I sit and cry," Diamond revealed, but America isn't having it. Because by helping her we tell all moms, no, you should not have to do this alone. We confirm that though we may have vast differences in opportunity and circumstance, our common concerns unite us.
Fewer than one-third of stories featured any medical information at all.
She wants the world to know she's "not just someone's sister."
Did you know May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month? May is also prom season and summer is right around the corner. How do you talk with teens about teen pregnancy prevention?
Making progressive change isn't easy. It requires activism, sound political strategy, and endurance. But we also need something less tangible: faith that the future can be better than the present.
Every head in the class turned with curiosity as you squealed with delight. That was certainly not the reaction I had anticipated