teen pregnancy rates

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, and considering that we are still living in an age where birth control is trying to be outlawed and teens are shamed for seeking out information about their sexuality, we have a lot of progress to make.
“You’ve got to have room for adaptation,” Fuller said. “Your group may be different from another group.” Poor teens of color
Despite claims of a rise in teen pregnancy, numbers are actually falling. So why does the narrative of irresponsible teens and high pregnancy rates continue to dominate headlines? HuffPost Live looks at the "myths" of teenage pregnancy.
The variation among races and states likely results, in part, from differences in demographics, the availability of comprehensive
The increase in teen pregnancies in some states is "troubling," the report's authors wrote, but it may reveal short-term
One of the teen moms, Natasha, became pregnant at 17. "I trusted the school nurse, told her, and within a week, all the teachers