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"It is imperative that we cultivate our nation's next generation of great thinkers, innovators and science communicators
Currently, these paints are expensive and not totally effective. Burrow found that graphene oxide, a material found in pencils
Nathan Han, winner of the Gordon E. Moore award at the Intel ISEF, joins HuffPost Live to talk about his big win.
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If I could tell a slightly younger Henry -- and by transitive property, any high schooler in that audience -- one thing, I would remind him of the lesson my parents taught me.
"In the next 10, 20, 30 years, my vision for medical diagnostics and cancer diagnostics would be ... a shift from symptom
The teen won the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search for discovering that natural oils produced by algae can be converted into
Within the classroom, it can be easy to get trapped in the details. Indeed, it is just these pieces -- the facts and equations -- that lie at the heart of science, form the baseline on which everything new can be built. But there is something else at the heart of science, too.
"Our epic space mission begins as we launch the space balloon..." So begins the most wonderful video we've seen all week
Catherine Wong has ideas that "flatten the earth," yet remains grounded. Maybe it's the mismatched socks. Head over to Morristown