teenage pregnancy

Young migrant mothers in border detention facilities described feeling hungry, cold, and terrified because their babies were sick.
The Oscar-winning writer reflected on her movie amid a series of abortion restrictions around the country.
Every two seconds, a girl gives birth, reports Save The Children.
When the Black church gets involved with issues it is "not supposed to" get involved with, great things tend to happen.
During Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis, thousands of girls became pregnant, some as young as nine. Communities report that there
Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is ablaze with anger and a sleeping giant has awoken. The Inter Religious Organization (IRO) voted 17 to 24 in favor of keeping an old colonial law allowing child marriage of girls as young as 12 years old.
By the luck of the draw and, perhaps, by the grace of God, too, I don't have a teenage abortion to whisper about, let alone shout. If I did, I secretly wonder if I would be one of those courageous women, sharing their experiences, at #Shoutyourabortion.
Nearly one-third of Bangladeshi girls are married by age 15.
When I got pregnant and became a mother at 15, I experienced an overwhelming onslaught of disrespect and shame from family members, friends and perfect strangers.
With the upcoming return of MTV's popular reality show "Teen Mom," teenage pregnancy is at the forefront of not only parent minds, but also pop culture.