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My cross-national research on adolescent sexuality shows a profound discomfort in American society not just with teenage sex, but with teenage love. And the silence among adults that results - in families, schools and the culture at large - may take a particular toll on adolescent boys.
"It’s damaging to both sexes that we don’t talk about sexuality as something we are both experiencing equally."
Julia McCarthy and William Altabef join HuffPost Live to explain why "consent is sexy" for college students.
The AP reports that the student behavior slip Hemdal signed for the trip acknowledges sexual activity is grounds for being
Interestingly, Harden suggested in a similar study last year that sexually active teenagers in romantic relationships tend
They're going to hear about orgasms but won't have any idea that when they're mature enough to handle the responsibilities, an orgasm is a magical feeling you can share with someone you love on a Hawaiian shore just as the sun sets. Or even in the bathroom with someone you just met at Starbucks.
Children gain an enormous amount by being exposed to other family units. Living in another culture, which is what each family is, is enlightening, challenging, scary and often fun.
When Dutch teens think they're ready to have sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend, their parents, some of them reluctantly, encourage the couple to do so at home. These situations, while novel to me, were treated with indifference by Western Europeans.
"Good communication within families and especially around sexual health issues is associated with more responsible behaviours
Sometimes children from single-parent homes do just as well, or better, than children from two-parent families. Sometimes they do worse, but not "drastically" so, as Flanagan misleadingly suggests.
They don't give their names, but viewers can see their faces plainly and what these teens are saying is shocking parents
To right-wing ideologues, the debate begins and ends with the sinful act of sex outside of marriage, which can lead to only one outcome: punishment.
Our inability as a society to be clear about morality and sex these days, with adults increasingly seemingly incapable of holding the line about what is right and wrong in an age dominated by relativism means that often kids do not get clear enough boundaries.
Normandy High School officials should have come out strongly, advocating openness, pushing sex education, and acknowledging the problems and pressures of teenage life.
The Daily Show broadened the Miley Cyrus/Vanity Fair photo hullabaloo story on Tuesday night's show, and did a segment on
In fact, deep down what you really want to do is what you are clearly not doing: disciplining and restraining your child.