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"Are we raising a generation of kids that are not going to be able to get a quality night's sleep?"
De Muyshondt led the class through a series of exercises, from how to decline a Facebook “friend” request to what not to
Complaining also decreases with age. As people get older, their Facebook posts contain fewer instances of "freakin annoying
It was tough to miss the excellent piece penned by 13-year-old Ruby Karp this week. As she explained in her Mashable post, Facebook is struggling to resonate with the next teenage generation. Funny thing is I agree with almost everything she says.
On the whole, teens' usage of social media seems to have plateaued, and the fraction of those who check social sites "several
Not until I learn to remind myself of how little the opinions of others matter in deciding who I become in life will my social media addiction be entirely cured. It's not my use of the websites that trouble me, but my dependence on them to make me feel whole.
Updating and browsing your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts probably makes up a huge chunk of the time you
"My Dad caught me on Facebook, twice...And we had an argument. I told him in the middle of the argument, 'There's no safe social network that's made for kids.'"
I spent time liking things on my own profile, following people I like on Twitter, all to cultivate an online reputation that matches who I am IRL, hoping that someone is doing the same for me.
And it's certainly not the first time that Facebook has led police to the scene of a party involving underage drinking. Last