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Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. is a psychoanalyst and author of Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in Your Child's Behavior
Helicopter Parent, Free Range Parent. These terms are so overused they're as thin as my cotton tee shirts have become. I consider myself on the continuum, somewhere between the extremes of ultra-permissive and overprotective. Somewhere sensible, somewhere kinda in the middle. You know, perfect.
I asked a group of my students to try the Birdwhistell/Goffman experiment a la 2015: for one day, instead of texting the messages they normally would send to their family and friends and classmates, they should call.
I try to set a good example for my kids -- I do, but nothing makes me want to spit and cuss in public more than you idiots who continue to text and drive.
You want your tone to be open and concerned -- not angry and blaming, or shocked and horrified. And you don't want to start out by slapping on a bunch of restrictions. Social media may not seem important to you, but it can seem like life or death to teenagers.
If you want to make an impression today, put your phone away when you are at a social function. If someone invites you to dinner, focus on that person, not your phone. If you are invited to someone's home, leave your phone in the car and engage in some conversation.
Why can't we have a device-free drive? Or make a dinner reservation for one? Maybe it's our fear of being alone. Maybe the social dependency distracts us from who we really are. Or lets us mask our emotions.
Wake up, people. This needless incessant phone-to-phone contact is ruining relationships and not just romantic ones. Bottom line: Our children need a break.
What about today's texting toddlers who grow up thinking that lol is a word? Are we raising a generation of illiterates whose fuzzy spelling is the precursor of fuzzy thinking?
Texting is a huge part of the American teenagers' lexicon. Some savvy schools are starting to take advantage of this technology and how frequently teens use it.
I am unconvinced of the value of parent-teen bonding versus the potential harm of a misstep by a kid on social media. Learning
With 40% of teen deaths attributable to car accidents, driving may be the greatest public health threat facing U.S. adolescents. Is a teen driving ban a good solution? Associate Professor of Law Vivian Hamilton and high school junior Matthew Maron join Mke to discuss.
Robert Edgin, owner of Texting Thumb Bands, joins Mike to talk about what inspired him to take action in terms of helping teens drive more safely.
As you respond to that text from your friend, you look intermittently at the road, then back down at your phone. No worries. You're a good driver and a great multi-tasker. You've done it plenty of times before. What can go wrong?
At the time, Dr. Markus Schmidt, a sleep researcher from Ohio told a local news outlet that the culprit could be sleep deprivation
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