"Last Week Tonight" targeted PFAS, the group of "forever chemicals" linked to cancer and other diseases.
Since 2014, the water around Hoosick Falls, New York has been known to be contaminated by the toxic chemical, PFOA.
Flint, Michigan, isn’t the only area in the U.S. that’s been dealing with a water crisis. Since 2014, the water around Hoosick Falls, New York, has been contaminated by the toxic chemical, PFOA— and there still isn’t a permanent fix.
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Donald Trump's 'new' energy plan, same as the old plan; Hillary Clinton calls for helping coal country
Nonstick, it turned out, tends to stick around. DuPont spokeswoman Janet Smith said in an email that the group's report contained
Even after multiple scandals all vying for the top headline throughout the week, over the weekend CNN reported poll numbers showing Obama currently enjoys 53 percent of the public's approval for the job he's doing. His numbers actually rose from the last time the poll was taken.
The rock star status of today's scientific celebrities encourages aspiring scientists to focus on the retail possibilities that can result in fast fame and wealth. While understandable, this unwittingly neglects a crucial part of the scientific equation.
Is it because of the economy? Perhaps, but the economy is improving. Is it Obamacare? Is it the fabricated perception that Barack Obama is a weak president? Have the Republicans successfully convinced Americans that his foreign policy has lowered America's stature around the world?
We all do it. The minute after we decide to move out to a home of our own, we're tapping away at a registry imagining creating the perfect meal in the perfect kitchen outfitted with the perfect pots and pans.