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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shared a photo, saying the episode demonstrated “what Israelis have to go through."
The protests come amid a renewed push by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right coalition to overhaul the justice system.
The workers threatened to paralyze the economy while protesting against the prime minister's plan to overhaul the judiciary.
In Israel, there's pleasure in being spontaneous when entertaining. Adeena Sussman, author of the vibrant new cookbook "Sababa," shows us how.
The 43-year-old mother of three fell into a coma shortly after a flight from New York City to Tel Aviv.
Rafi Peretz's comments sparked widespread condemnation and protests in Tel Aviv.
The “How I Met Your Mother” star has "no interest in being a representative or an ambassador for anything except my kids."
The attendant aboard a New York to Tel Aviv flight has been in a "deep coma" with brain swelling, a health official said.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised pass a bill supporting surrogacy for gay men, but then voted against it.
Monuments around the world will honor LGBTQ pride this June.