Both before and during the aerial bombardment of Taleban strongholds, I conducted phone interviews in Dari with fixed line
The launch of a new Internet of things (IoT) low cost network by South Korean SK Networks is a logical development for Telecoms companies who have invests billions into expensive3G , 4G mobile networks.
And yet T-Mobile has risen more rapidly than ever.
Any smartphone user -- regardless of nationality -- should be very worried about this.
    Nokia sold its once-dominant handset business last year after struggling to compete with smartphones by Apple and Samsung
The Internet is not black and white, and it is most certainly not sacred. We seem to have merely added more complexity to its already nuanced nature.
When Burlington, Vermont's cable company, Burlington Telecom, decided to carry Al Jazeera, groups clamored both in protest and support, and bloggers around the world jumped on the story.
Net neutrality is a dead man walking. Read more on Wired
With the advent of improved technology and an increasingly mobile workforce, the option to work where you need to be is becoming accepted, if not a necessity, for many organizations.
Economic growth benefits those who are lifted from poverty, but how can the world really cope with billions of new drivers all expecting their own car?