The Ukrainian theater was serving as a bomb shelter until it was hit by Russian forces this week in what has been decried as a war crime.
As Trump backs down from his “Stop the Steal” hoax, the supporters he radicalized are vowing to carry on the fight without him.
Europeans are sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories and photos of U.S. protests on Telegram, where they plan their own demonstrations.
“We have over a dozen cases in which accounts have been compromised."
Privacy tools many of us use are put to a very dark purpose elsewhere.
So what exactly is a chat bot (also known as a chatterbot, a talkbot or even an Artificial Conversational Entity)? Well, definitions vary, but it can be described as an automated computer program that simulates conversation either through text or audio.
Once again the Iranian people used the limited available democratic process, combined with unconventional tools and creative methods, to take another step towards political change. A slow process that started with the election of President Khatami and the birth of the reform movement in the 1990s continued through the 2009 election and post-election resistance, re-emerged in the 2013 election of moderate President Rouhani and again showed up in the two important elections last week. Iranians have been on a slow path to democracy and continue to progress -- with patience and with hope.