Telemedicine reaches more patients at lower costs and has support across the aisle, so why isn't it universally adopted?
For some conditions, online therapy can be just as effective as in-person treatment.
Telemedicine is not a new branch of medical care but a new way to deliver traditional services. Physician visits and chronic
I made an appointment with Meadow MD, another San Francisco start-up that's both a doctor's clinic and a pot delivery service
Only a portion of the public's health -- a consensus pins it at 20% -- is attributable to genetics. The other significant
It's a Personal Business Entrepreneurship is a personal business not in terms of ownership and profit but in terms of essence
A quarter of patients got the wrong -- or no -- diagnosis, according to a new study.
Telemedicine could help rural women who don't have access to reproductive services.
Diagnosis by selfie. Someday, using your smartphone to take a selfie might improve your health. A new technology uses an
More prisons are using the futuristic healthcare system to save time, money and lives.
Three separate studies published within the past few weeks make it pretty clear that the rapid pace of technological advancement too often comes to a screeching halt at the doors of clinical healthcare settings. That's astonishing.
Healthcare companies are touting it as a cheaper, more convenient way to see doctors.
Telemedicine: I was happy to finally hear someone from the medical community talk about the importance of using telemedicine