The president says his hard-line approach to immigration has improved his standing among Hispanic voters.
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“It’s historic for people in Spanish-language television,” the union president said.
The Democratic vice presidential nominee speaks Spanish, and the campaign has made sure people know it.
Cruz will enjoy home court advantage, which won't be enough. Even before their declaration of candidacy, I predicted candidates
A study found that the percentage of Hispanic actors onscreen increased from 6.6 percent before the merger to 7.3 percent afterward. That's good news, right? Well, even that mild improvement comes with a caveat. Basically, more shows were hiring more Hispanics to appear as servants and thugs. Yay for progress!
"I think Celia didn’t want to be remembered as a star but as a good human being."
"Part of what we explore in this story, is the huge obstacles these immigrants face once they are in the Promised Land."
Doctor Wolf con Adamari López en la cadena Telemundo