Simon Shelton was a ballet dancer and choreographer before he was cast on the show.
Yep, the Teletubbies are coming back. On Thursday, Nickelodeon announced plans to bring back "Teletubbies." Nick Jr. will
TV's "Teletubbies" have always had a sort of stoner appeal to them, but this new video might be more of a bad trip. The clip
Smith's mother said she originally auditioned Jess for the part because "it was just something a bit different to do," according
At least now I know who to direct my sun rage at: 19-year-old Jess Smith, a first-year college student at Canterbury Christ
I lived for "Rugrats" when I was a kid. As soon as Tommy would start tumbling around in his diaper during that intro I was
Say hello to the new and improved "Teletubbies." The show that gave more than a few of us nightmares in our youth is coming
In all seriousness, BBC Worldwide is negotiating a broadcasting deal with North Korea's state-run media agency, DPRK. Its