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The cable network canceled her "For the Record" program, a ratings flop, just six months after it began.
So while a call to action from even a high-profile figure, and global platform like the Oscars is a great and needed step
Oftentimes the Muppet movies and TV show go either way; the combination of child friendly with a touch of adult humor has always been a trademark of the Muppets, but has not always been done right.
We all get tired of hearing about certain things that annoy us. The things on this list are bothering me ... a lot. For example, Scott Disick! Scream if you're tired of hearing about who this man is dating.
The networks' 24-hour coverage of the reality TV star highlights the problem with audience-driven coverage.
Earlier this week, Nielsen, a measurement company that keeps track of television ratings and consumer trends, rolled out
You've probably noticed a surge in ratings for Saved By The Bell: The College Years. This is because I am a Nielsen household. Yes, it's true.
Then, there’s Kansas City. The Royals have become the darling of baseball this October, beating the A’s in a thrilling AL