tell all book

It's probably a good thing the president doesn't read.
The president's niece said if she just wanted money she would have written her book 10 years ago, when "I would not have been taking the risk that I’m taking."
The tell-all will reveal Donald Trump's "virulently racist" remarks about Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, according to the suit.
The guest host had fun with Donald Trump's niece's upcoming tell-all book.
Donald Trump's niece alleges in her upcoming book that her uncle cheated his way into college and commented on her breasts.
Mary Trump, the president’s niece, is writing a book that will detail her uncle’s mistreatment of his father during his Alzheimer’s decline.
The New York Post recapped some of the book's most intriguing content as well, detailing that "the ultimate aim of the religion
"I'm sad at a lot of wasted potential," said Bailey, who believed she could accomplish more than she did as governor. "I