One of the reasons cardiology tends to advance so rapidly compared to other medical disciplines- with very noteworthy benefits
We have been preoccupied with anti-aging perhaps since the very dawn of self-awareness, and the implications of mortality it unveiled. We have, ever since, tethered our fears to faith and fantasy, tangled our aspirations up in fable -- about fountains of youth in particular.
    Gene activity is switched on or off by all kinds of things, including not just diet and exercise but traumatic events
Yet popular culture always asks the inevitable question: even if we have the ability to make the human race immortal, does
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So why did poor Mexicans in this study have longer (i.e., generally healthier) telomeres than the nonpoor Mexicans? Geronimus
It turns out that the average income of one's ZIP code is a more powerful predictor of life expectancy than one's genetic