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Law was Chris Williams' third career. He taught school in Chicago for a decade. He was a union organizer for a decade. Only then did he become a social justice lawyer specializing in advocating for and with low-wage workers.
In 2013, a U.S. Senate committee exposed the fact that too many federal contractors are violating federal wage laws and health and safety standards, yet continue to profit off of U.S. taxpayers with repeat contracts.
The state of California just took a big step toward curbing the abuse of temporary workers. “Today marks a new era for worker
Fueled by the growth of "perma-temp" workers who toil for years at the same job for low wages, few if any benefits and with no protections, thousands of employees are increasingly being left behind while their companies reap the benefits of their hard work.
When you hear about poverty wages and extreme anti-union tactics practiced by the largest company of its kind in the world, it's natural to think of Walmart. But California-based Taylor Farms is giving the retail giant a run for its money.
The growing use of temporary or "contingent" workers in American industries like construction and warehousing has helped
In a statement through a lawyer, the company said it is "committed to fair treatment and compliance with Federal and State
It makes sense for small businesses to bring in short-term hires to deal with peaks in the overall workload, while keeping the organization lean when there is a trough. This isn't exactly a new phenomenon in itself but it's now something that is more common among all types of business.
"They're really frustrated. Any time they speak out, there's retaliation," Fried said. According to Fried, many of the workers
Such arrangements may help hotels save money on labor, but they also have a way of pushing down wages and eliminating benefits