Tempe, Arizona

The local police union said Tempe's officers are not trained in performing water rescues, and didn't have the proper equipment to save Sean Bickings.
The crafty creature looked right at home during the Trojans-Sun Devils game.
"It looks like a scene from hell, truly," a bystander said of the Arizona disaster.
An employee made the request because a customer had complained about their presence.
Tahnee Savanna Gonzales apologized for setting a poor example for her children at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe last year.
The death of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg was the first known fatality linked to an autonomous vehicle in the United States.
Two German shepherds sat in the back seat while the kids were in the trunk.
Experts say the autonomous vehicles sensors should have identified that a person was in the road.
“That was our second home. Watching that video was like seeing my childhood home being stabbed over and over again.”
“It’s beautiful to see how two people’s hate brought together hundreds of people in love,” said the mosque's office manager.