Temper Tantrum

It can help children and parents alike calm down during those inevitable "big feeling moments."
The "CNN Tonight" host dissected the president's performance, which came after Democrats flipped the House in Tuesday's midterms.
Another toddler’s tantrum is making headlines — except this time it resulted in a very generous act from a stranger.
I did not know what to do and was paralyzed by helplessness. I had planned a nice outing, but now, not only was my child was having a temper in a public place, but I was being tested.
I'm all for discipline and sometimes that is the only necessary path. But I think a lot of our frustration, our cries of "why can't they just behave," aren't really about behavior at all.
My son was no longer a baby. He was no longer "cute." He was a destructive force that was wrecking my home.
We might be less than a week away from the Fourth of July, but Sienna's been in the throes of a sudden independence streak.
If you notice an abrupt change in your formerly peaceful child, they could be taking a turn into disequilibrium.
She wants me to meet her ferocity. I usually do. Tonight, I surrender. With all of my might, I stay still. Then slowly -- magically -- she softens. The crying stops. Her body gives. She turns on her side towards me, I hold her. She exhales -- sweaty and empty -- and sleeps.
Moderation in all things is a good rule to live by and I find that if you let kids try a bit of a food or drink every now and then, it becomes less taboo and a lot less precious.