Eight of the signatures in the letter to the Senate were from professors at Yale, where the Supreme Court nominee obtained his law degree.
"I'm also honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has, because we know how to win."
The kind of woman many / most men would accept as a leader is a fantasy. Gorgeous, thoughtful and kind, that kind of "she
For example, the 2000 film Thirteen Days portrays the most dangerous crisis thus far in human history: the 1962 Cuban Missile
We’ve heard a lot about temperament in the presidential race. Both presidential candidates have exchanged barbs about the
What makes people want to run for president anyway? It's a thankless job that entails relentless pressure, criticism, slander and hatred from large numbers of fellow Americans including political colleagues from both parties.
We tend to forget that everyday the president of the United States controls the most awesome power ever invested in a single human being in the history of humanity: the power to launch a nuclear attack that could conceivably destroy much of humanity.
At home, the lonely consequences are even more devastating. For people with a hot temper, a tiger sits at the gate of emotional
Beginning with our first success in childhood, we become attached to what we believe are our strengths in temperament and talent, which enabled us to win. Why not? They seemed to be what makes us popular.
What sort of person is it who can shape new ideas and bring them to life as businesses? Put another way, is an innovator's temperament born or is it built? We say it's built.