Eight of the signatures in the letter to the Senate were from professors at Yale, where the Supreme Court nominee obtained his law degree.
"I'm also honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has, because we know how to win."
To Mark, my good friend, and to all my many men friends who are uncomfortable with Hillary as President, Looking at our candidates
Trump's major supporters had advised him -- since his self-destructive rants in August -- to avoid just this sort of conduct
And Gregory the Grumpy is high maintenance. We’ve heard a lot about temperament in the presidential race. Both presidential
What makes people want to run for president anyway? It's a thankless job that entails relentless pressure, criticism, slander and hatred from large numbers of fellow Americans including political colleagues from both parties.
We tend to forget that everyday the president of the United States controls the most awesome power ever invested in a single human being in the history of humanity: the power to launch a nuclear attack that could conceivably destroy much of humanity.
Beginning with our first success in childhood, we become attached to what we believe are our strengths in temperament and talent, which enabled us to win. Why not? They seemed to be what makes us popular.
What sort of person is it who can shape new ideas and bring them to life as businesses? Put another way, is an innovator's temperament born or is it built? We say it's built.
If you're an introvert and the parent of a small human, it can be very freeing to realize that maybe it's not just that you "don't like the baby stage." Maybe it's just that being with people 24 hours a day -- even the wonderful little beings you created -- is difficult and draining.
Isn't anxiety more of an environmental phenomenon, produced, or at least heavily influenced, by Type A, perfectionist over-parenting? Given the current state of the world, isn't anxiety adaptive; that is, doesn't it make sense to be a little bit anxious?
Our findings on the neural basis of humor processing (in children) may provide some preliminary clues informing theories regarding humor evolution and function in humans.
Create situations in which everyone gets to use best talents, working on projects that reflect a strong sweet spot of shared interest. In so doing you may play a different character role in the story that unfolds and make the storyline more adventuresome and satisfying.