Maine’s shrimp population has declined as its gulf waters have warmed, causing a shrimp fishing ban that may threaten the fishing industry indefinitely.
As climate change accelerates, more than 100 million Americans will find themselves regularly facing heat index temperatures of 125 degrees.
The U.K. is now facing the hottest day ever recorded as extreme temperature “red” warnings have been issued.
California's Death Valley reached 123 F on Saturday, 11 degrees short of the hottest recorded temperature.
As climate change takes hold, extreme heat is becoming a growing problem in cities across the globe. While urban heat waves have a devastating effect on cities' populations, they also highlight grave inequalities in urban life. As global temperatures rise, our cities are facing an existential problem: How can they combat extreme heat?
More than a dozen people in the U.S. died in homes that had lost their heat, and most of those were in Texas.
Wind-chill warnings extended from Canada into Mexico.
The year rounds off the hottest decade ever recorded globally.
Dozens of fires are burning amid record-breaking temperatures, straining the state's electrical grid.
Aerial views of Antarctica's Eagle Island show the dramatic melting that took place during a major February heatwave.