temporary protected status

The Trump administration has refused to provide temporary protected status to Bahamians who fled to the U.S. after Hurricane Dorian.
Ken Cuccinelli is defending the administration’s refusal to grant Bahamians temporary protected status after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands.
Senators announced a bill to give humanitarian protection to Bahamians devastated by Hurricane Dorian, after reports that the Trump administration wouldn’t.
President Donald Trump previously said there could be "very bad people" among the Bahamians whose homes were devastated by the hurricane.
Roughly 7,000 Syrians will retain legal status in the U.S. for another 18 months.
The president is trying to end both Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
A handful of states are getting most of the people fleeing Venezuela to the United States.
The judge said there is evidence “President Trump harbors an animus against non-white, non-European aliens."
The Homeland Security Department will soon decide whether to end temporary protected status for Yemenis in America.
The Trump administration's decision to end Temporary Protected Status will have far-reaching consequences.
They built lives in the U.S. with the government’s OK, and now they face an uncertain future.
The administration previously ended temporary protected status for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan.
Ending Temporary Protected Status for this already wounded community will hurt them now, and for years to come.
“I don’t know where he was raised, but his family didn’t do a good job raising that guy," said Jim Kenney.
Maria Elena Hernandez is one of about 5,300 Nicaraguan immigrants set to lose temporary protected status in 2019.
The White House isn't budging on its deportation policies, and Democrats aren't happy.
The president is going to Las Vegas Tuesday to bet on the American people. He's betting that Americans are ready to fix the broken immigration system that inhibits business, hurts families, and relegates millions of mothers, fathers, and promising youth to a life in the shadows.