It was primarily because of one man: David Ruffin.
Today, I didn't feel like leaving the house. Spent the day writing A LOT, had a work-related phone meeting, did promo for
When Gordy appeared on "Oprah's Master Class," he opened up about a Temptations album he didn't want to release -- an album
We are often focused on consequences right now. Thinking of how something will impact us beyond the present moment helps put the risk into perspective. Many times you will find that a setback won't matter a year from now -- or even next week. So why not take a chance?
Damon Harris, a one-time member of legendary Motown group The Temptations, died on Monday, Feb. 18, family spokesperson Chuck
Some stereos have been locked in on Christmas music since the clean-up of Thanksgiving dinner. Here at Huffpost Religion