Prices dropped significantly in some major cities known for high rent.
Confronted with aggressive landlords and layoffs, tenants across the country are trying to avoid eviction, debt and homelessness.
“Many are calling this the equivalent of 2008’s foreclosure crisis, but at an exponential level.” This is how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated America’s ongoing housing crisis.
These steps improve your chances of getting a temporary break from your lease.
Eviction moratoriums have been put in place, but they don't protect everyone.
Signing a lease is a big step toward adulting, but you need to step carefully.
Many situations have some wiggle room.
Effective September 26, 2016, New York City adopted an ordinance giving commercial tenants a cause of action against their
By Ann Dibble, Director, Tenants' Rights, New York Legal Assistance Group Every day, NYLAG attorneys meet tenants who have