tenants rights

State officials said brokers can no longer charge the fees, which often cost up to 15% percent of an annual lease, giving an unexpected gift to renters.
The federal government shutdown could spike eviction rates nationwide.
There's often room to negotiate a rental increase.
Residents say the landlord turned their lives into construction hell so they would leave to make way for luxury condo buyers.
Facing online backlash, the building has retracted the "Facebook addendum" of its rental agreement.
Keeping landlords honest in New York City - or New York State, for that matter - is not an enviable task, given how common the less-than-honest ones are, but it's a job that nonetheless falls squarely in the laps of city and state officials.
The amount you're suing for will determine which court you'll go to, but in most cases you'll wind up in small claims court. Rules and compensation limits for small claims court vary by state, so ask your small claims clerk about local fees and rules.
According to the city of Chicago's website, more than 60 percent of the city's residents are renters.
The letter caused a firestorm, and on Tuesday the landlord issued new letters withdrawing his demands, the same tipster told
When landlords have great tenants, they are more likely to renew leases and limit rent increases. Stacy Brown, operations manager for Real Property Management, has four golden rules for building a great relationship with your landlord.