Tennessee Legislature

The legislation initially attracted criticism because it would have eliminated the age minimum for marriage, opening the door to child abuse.
Multiple historians noted that the Three-Fifths Compromise helped slaveholders achieve inordinate power and uphold the institutions of slavery.
I was 21, newly married, and had just nailed my first leading role as Maria in The Sound of Music at the local community
As a therapist, I don't believe that counselors who refuse treatment to clients based on sexual orientation and gender identity should be arrested and charged with a crime. I believe these counselors should be disqualified from holding a license as a mental health professional.
Requiring a waiting period before patients seeking abortions can undergo the procedure has been a contentious topic in other
In the name of transparency, I voice three things: One, I've spent more time with the Bible open before me than any other book. I would not be who I am today, whether for good or ill, apart from the book.
State Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris (D) accused his Republican colleagues of perpetuating a "war on women," a term used
Under Niceley's proposal, which he introduced in February, party nominees for U.S. Senate seats would be chosen by state
A Tennessee state Senate committee voted Tuesday to advance legislation that would partially end the direct election of U.S