Tension Headache

Most people don't know the signs or the difference between different types of head pain, according to doctors.
Experts break down the different types of head pain, as well as their symptoms and causes.
If you feel like you have specific headache triggers, you probably do.
The study compared 60 adults with tension headaches to 30 healthy individuals. The patients had experienced a headache on
Where is your pain located? | Infographics When do your headaches occur? | Create infographics So, your head hurts. What
By Ginny Graves You know what's a headache? Headaches. More than 45 million Americans suffer from them regularly; 36 million
It certainly seems confusing. The sudden onset of an explosive headache may be the only warning of a deadly condition. On the other hand, the vast majority of the time these headaches are benign and not a cause for alarm.
It's important to figure out what type of headache is causing your pain. If you know your headache type, you can treat it