tent city

These Northern Californians have lost their homes to the Camp Fire inferno.
“We’re going to put tents up all over the place,” the president said on Fox News.
Hundreds of children have been sent to a tent city in Texas where basic child welfare standards do not apply.
The children have been relocated -- mostly in the middle of the night without warning -- from shelters and private foster care to Tornillo in the Texas desert.
The Tornillo tent city, which opened last week, is already housing 200 children.
President Trump teased a pardon for ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio at his campaign-style rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night. Arpaio was convicted on charges of criminal contempt in July.
Roughly one hundred and fifty people now live in a tent city under the main interstate and entry to Charleston. Tent cities are nothing new to Charleston but the visibility of this one is.