terence koh

Even Lady Gaga in her most monster-friendly would merely blend in at the Watermill Center's annual summer benefit, themed
Koh, a Chinese-Canadian artist, first broke into the scene as asianpunkboy, a transgressive artist who created zines, a hilarious
All images in the slideshow below are courtesy of Envoy Enterprises. In the book related to the show, journalist and comic
ARTINFO reports that James Franco's High/Lowe, Rob Lowe, at Terence Koh's Asia Song Society gallery has mysteriously closed
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"Installation pieces are problematic," said Manhattan contemporary art gallery owner Renato Danese, an understatement if there ever was one.
WHO: Exhibition A at the Ace Hotel WHERE: Ace Hotel New York 20 West 29th Street Exhibition A was started by Half Gallery
2011-03-03-mfe.jpgIt remains arguable whether queerness has evolved to the brink of true acceptance in developed, democratic nations -- but art is a great way to tell.
2010-11-19-anselm.jpgAnselm Kiefer's new exhibition at Gagosian Gallery is a monochromatic forest with walls of flaking, mud-encrusted canvases that transports us into a world at times foreboding, at others, shamanic and mystical.
I was recently in New York for the launch of Hans Ulrich Obrist's Interviews Volume 2 -- the latest edition of his "infinite conversation" with leading artistic and intellectual figures.
I made a return to the House that Waris (temporarily) built under the Highline on Sunday evening for his closing event with Wes Anderson.
Terence Koh from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo. StyleLikeU.com took it upon themselves to interview artist Terrence
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This week, the judges of Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist tried to prove that opposites attract, by having the remaining members of the weary gang pair up.
Javier Peres, an influential art gallerist with unusual taste, says that the economy is slightly affecting the way he does